Stefanutti Stocks is a leading E&I contractor that undertakes the installation, testing and commissioning of projects in the electrical, instrumentation and control fields.

Our work within the Electrical & Instrumentation Discipline also includes shutdown and maintenance projects, and we offer turnkey solutions for high/medium/low voltage, control and instrumentation installations for industrial process plants within the power generation, mining, petrochemical and oil & gas sectors.

Since the Stefanutti Stocks group first began working within the Electrical & Instrumentation Discipline in 2008 we have, through various acquisitions, secured some of the best available resources and skills in the electrical & instrumentation market. We are also proud of the robust relationships we have built with our clients and have become a preferred supplier to many – all of whom value our unwavering commitment to safety and quality.

Our commitment to contractual compliance regarding confidentiality, prevents us from writing specific and detailed project reports, however, we are happy to supply references from our project portfolio on request.

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E&I Discipline Capabilities

Electrical supply, installation and commissioning, including but not limited, to:

  • hazardous areas,
  • substation upgrades, MV & LV switchgear,
  • motor control centres (MCC),
  • cable rack, power trunking,
  • industrial lighting and small power, high masts,
  • MV & LV power cables,
  • LV distribution boards,
  • HT/MV/LV joints & terminations,
  • containerised sub/mini stations and e-houses,
  • certified testing & calibration equipment,
  • certificate of compliance by in-house master installation electrician or wireman,
  • transformers,

    Instrumentation supply, installation and commissioning, including:

    • instrumentation power and control cables,
    • control and interface panels, junction boxes, control desks,
    • field instruments, enclosures, stands and supports,
    • loop checking and commissioning assistance,
    • analyser shelters, gas and fire systems,
    • instrument tubing, and
    • electrical heat and steam tracing.

      Maintenance and shutdown, including:

      • shutdown/plant turnaround and general outages, including unplanned plant repairs caused by system failure that has led to fire, water or structural damage.
      • electrical and instrumentation maintenance, including:
        • replacement of faulty or damaged equipment, cables and cable racking,
        • relocation of E&I equipment,
        • live system changeovers and tie-ins,
        • upgrading or modifications of E&I equipment, and
        • testing and calibration of E&I equipment.

      Pockets of Excellence

      Energy Infrastructure: Stefanutti Stocks’ multidisciplinary nature and propensity for focusing on pre-planning supports our ability to deliver world-class energy infrastructure projects.

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